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The Nokia 900, part 1: Out of the box

2012.10.24. 23:23 gr3ml1n

Like a child at christmas eve, I was opening the Nokia Lumia 900. It came in a small blue box. As I opened the box my first opinion was, “Whoa that’s huge.” It wasn’t just huge, I slowly lifted out and felt that it is heavy, solid, no clicks and clacks anywhere, it’s a massive phone. With…

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What defines a smartphone?

2012.10.17. 20:56 gr3ml1n

Almost a week now, I have experienced something truly amazing. Thanks to Nokia, I have a Nokia Lumia 900, in my own hands, for two weeks. I decided that since they were this nice, the least I can do is to write a review, post some pictures and if I could spare some free time give the camera a…


2012.10.17. 15:45 gr3ml1n

I guess I should present something special for the first post on technologic. As you can see in the description and title, this blog should be about reviews, brand new technologies, and the latest news from the world of innovation, informatics, and more. First off my name is Mark, nickname gr3ml1n.…

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