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2013.01.29. 16:02 gr3ml1n

You don't know it yet, but I got to own a 920, and I have it for more than a month now, and I still haven't wrote about it since! I promise it will change soon! Stay tuned

Bár még nem is tudjátok nem rég, megvettem a vadiúj Lumia 920, és most már, kicsit több mint 1 hónapja élvezem a Windows Phone gyorsaságát, és minimalista szépségét, de még nem is írtam róla. Hamarosan ez megváltozik, addig is, legyetek résen! 

Lumia 820

2013.01.29. 15:57 gr3ml1n

Hopefully, pretty soon, I will get my hands on a Nokia Lumia 820! Posts about it, with photos, and also test about 920 coming soon! Stay tuned

Remélhetőleg hamarosan egy Nokia Lumia 820 kerül a kezeim közé. Bejegyzések, tesztek, fotók hamarosan! 
Lumia 920 tesztek is jönnek. 

The Nokia 900, part 1: Out of the box

2012.10.24. 23:23 gr3ml1n

Like a child at christmas eve, I was opening the Nokia Lumia 900. It came in a small blue box. As I opened the box my first opinion was, “Whoa that’s huge.” It wasn’t just huge, I slowly lifted out and felt that it is heavy, solid, no clicks and clacks anywhere, it’s a massive phone. With it’s 160 gram I can’t say it is lightweight, but it is not noticeable, and one can get use to it. Three silver buttons running on it’s right side, the volume, screen lock, and dedicated camera button. Left side empty, on the top you have the 3.5 jack, micro USB and the Sim card slot, only reachable with a small pin. And that’s about it. Three white touch sensitive buttons under the screen. The screen is huge, with it’s 4.3” it’s the biggest I have ever touched. What does it feels like, you might want to know, and my answer is definitely is an “it feels good”. The screen resolution is 480x800  which is pretty sweet, enough to make text and pictures crisp and gorgeous. Nokia’s addition ClearBlack technology, combined with AMOLED screen, makes everything look wonderful on the device. One can not reach the inside of the phone, due to the polycarbonate unibody, which gives the phone a good holding and also a massive feel. At the back of the phone, in a long silver line, camera sits, dual flash over it, and promoting on the silverplate that what we see it an Carl Zeiss Tessar, so it should be awesome. And it is, but more about that later. The Nokia Lumia 900 has an 45 nm, single-core CPU in it, which was absolutely enough to run Windows Phone butterly smooth.
The innovation of the 900 over the 800 is kind of a big deal. With the bigger screen you get to have a large 1850 mAh battery, which should be enough to live through the day. Also, 900 has an wide angle front facing camera, which makes surprisingly good photos, in every light condition. 900 supports LTE also, but where I live only HSPA+ was available, which has 42 mb/s at max.
That’s about the outside for now, tomorrow, I write about Lumia as a Windows Phone, and in a later part, Lumia as a Nokia.
Thanks for your attention, bye

What defines a smartphone?

2012.10.17. 20:56 gr3ml1n

Almost a week now, I have experienced something truly amazing. Thanks to Nokia, I have a Nokia Lumia 900, in my own hands, for two weeks. I decided that since they were this nice, the least I can do is to write a review, post some pictures and if I could spare some free time give the camera a chance.
This post is going to be about: "what do you expect, and what do you want from a smart phone?"
 I spent a minute on it and collected what matters me most in a phone:
• speed: for me, as an average student, it is the most important thing to be able to post fast, find faster, record at the fastest. What I mean is that it is all about the speed. Less clicks are the better.
• internet: Should have been counted as the most important thing. I'm a power user, which means, I check the news two or three times a day, I need immediate notification of a new e-mail, and as in the society, always be in touch. See the notifications from Facebook, chat, watch YouTube, check other online community, like twitter or tumblr, as well as reddit
• Camera: Let's face it, it does not matter, how much I hate phone photography, there is times, when you have to record the moment, with a picture or with a short clip, because you can't have your DSLR everywhere with you. I know a little on photography, so cold would be running up and down on my back if I couldn't adjust anything on the camera. So you'll need, adjustable ISO, Exposure, and so on. You'll also need to be able to take pictures in dark or low-light area. I know, when there is a party, you need an awesome camera, great flashlight, gorgeous girls on the picture.
• music: sounds easy, still many companies had not yet made it perfect. It has to be fast, good looking, easy to use.
•battery life: Do I have to tell the importance of that? Going on a long trip is very boring. So is school. And waiting times. This is when you need your phone the most. You might want to listen some music, play a game, make notes, for hours, so a phone should last all day.
•apps: seriously, we have reached a level, where one cannot exist without apps on the phone. You need a fancy calendar app, better looking Gmail, very different browser for the best experience, some picture editing tool, like instagram, and so on.
As for the last, you'll need games. Not just one or two, you will need serious amounts. Close your eyes and think about, the very popular games. Ready? Fruit ninja, angry birds, angry birds:rio, season, space,   plants vs zombies, contact killer, doodle jump, assasins creed, asphalt series, guitar hero, need for speed, pac man, pocket god. These games should be on every phone. Games are important.

That's everything I could collect, but if you have more write down in the comment section bellow. Tomorrow, I'm going to write about the Lumia 900. The history of the phone, built quality, and general feel of the mobile.


2012.10.17. 15:45 gr3ml1n

I guess I should present something special for the first post on technologic. As you can see in the description and title, this blog should be about reviews, brand new technologies, and the latest news from the world of innovation, informatics, and more.
First off my name is Mark, nickname gr3ml1n. Boy, in his late teens.
Second, why should you read my blog? I would say because of the particular English, honest opinions, interesting views.
Today, I'm going to write about my first hand review of the Nokia Lumia 900.  I had the chance of trialing, for 2 weeks, thanks to Nokia connects program. Today, is the 6th day I'm having the phone, but my opinions should come in a later post

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